Twenty things before leaving Twenty

June 2016

  1. Resolve : Strive not to be a burden to anybody
  2. Some people are not worth fighting for
  3. Being “inlove” is an overrated idea. Inlove is as romanticized as coffeeshops and coffee. It brings you nothing but poor decision-making.
  4. Strive for the “intelligent” and “discerning” kind of love. Not the flittery-glittery, butterflies-in-the-stomach-that-only-lasts-for-a-month-kind-of-love. Strive for forever.
  5. People will hurt you.  Forgive them.
  6. You will hurt people (intentional or untintentional, the human heart sucks). Ask for forgiveness. Don’t let pride eat you up.
  7.  “Create a climate of grace in relationships.”
  8. “Forgiveness can be one-sided. Forgive them even if they aren’t sorry.” -Marie

  9. When it is hard to forgive, think of the times you have been forgiven even if you didn’t deserve it.
  10. Resolve : Never to express bitterness, self-pity, hatred, and cynicism in social media.”Life is too short to hoard words, but do know when it is wasted and when it is not.”
  11. Coffee and Hersheys cannot be Happy’s substitute and proxy.
  12. Don’t go from one distraction to another just to avoid the issues in your life. Face the problem and deal with it with a broken and contrite heart.
  13. “The problem is not the problem, the problem is the heart.”
  14. The heart is deceitful above all else, who can discern it? The heart-maker, ofcourse.
  15. Don’t make pain-relievers out of people.
  16. Stop romanticizing things. It might feel cute and poetic, but man, reality is way better. #ChooseReality
  17. Truth is underrated. 
  18.  In this world full of lies and forsaken pinky-swears, cling to what is true! Truth is worth fighting for.
  19. Bitterness is not poetic.
  20. One day, “it” will not matter anymore. Make it your aim to leave it all  behind.

“The world behind me, the Cross before me,  No turning back, No turning back.”




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