On the Upcoming Taboan 2016 : NCCA Annual Literary Festival

(I wrote this last 2016 September 13)

I’ve been doing Spoken Word Poetry for almost a year now. On November, I will be celebrating my first year on the craft. Two weeks ago, I got the chance to perform at MSU-IIT’s CSM Acquaintance party. So far, it was my first time to perform in a crowd as big as that. The second time will be this coming September 14-16 at Bukidnon’s Central Mindanao University – the nationwide celebration of TABOAN’s literary festival.



I will be performing along with Joey Ayala and other renowned literary artists across the Philippines. Not only do I get to meet prolific writers from the Philippines (Specifically from Mindanao), I also get to be on the same stage as them. I am a noob, newbie, freshie, when it comes to this kind of circle. And yes, it is certainly a privilege to be invited in such prestigious event with free transportation and accommodation (And honorarium).

I have to be honest. I am ecstatic just thinking about it.


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