Catalogue of Repackagings /003

Week 3 : I wasn’t able to post my weekly catalogue last week due to my 4-day trip to Bukidnon for the Lit Fest 2016. Also, thank God for that trip, I was able to discover a couple of people who were into my shenanigans.

  • Breakfast Leftovers : This is just a brilliant presentation of church history. Hands down. History is always His story.
  • The Iphone and his boy : This is something to think about when we become “too” enslaved with our gadgets and “too” dependent with technology that we forget the “real” world. 
  • I Used to Be a Human Being : I finished reading this after three days. It’s a long article, but the main reason why it took me a long time to finish reading was the fact that I have been constantly checking my phone for updates while surfing my office desktop, and tweeting every single beautiful quote I encounter with the article.I do not agree with everything he has written, but his words on the essential things are true. Below are my favorite quotations : 


“Has our enslavement to dopamine — to the instant hits of validation that come with a well-crafted tweet or Snapchat streak — made us happier? I suspect it has simply made us less unhappy, or rather less aware of our unhappiness, and that our phones are merely new and powerful antidepressants of a non-pharmaceutical variety.”

“And yet our need for quiet has never fully gone away, because our practical achievements, however spectacular, never quite fulfill us. They are always giving way to new wants and needs, always requiring updating or repairing, always falling short. The mania of our online lives reveals this: We keep swiping and swiping because we are never fully satisfied. The late British philosopher Michael Oakeshott starkly called this truth “the deadliness of doing.” There seems no end to this paradox of practical life, and no way out, just an infinite succession of efforts, all doomed ultimately to fail.”

“If the churches came to understand that the greatest threat to faith today is not hedonism but distraction, perhaps they might begin to appeal anew to a frazzled digital generation. Christian leaders seem to think that they need more distraction to counter the distraction. Their services have degenerated into emotional spasms, their spaces drowned with light and noise and locked shut throughout the day, when their darkness and silence might actually draw those whose minds and souls have grown web-weary.”

Noteworthy blogs to check out:

  1. Conchitina Cruz’s blog
  2. Dagmay – A literary Online Journal
  3. Dr. Oz’s recipes -If you love cooking, this blog is for keeps.
  4. Gentle Reformation

for more interesting articles, czech this out.


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