Catalogue of Repackagings /Feb 22

Yes, I know. I failed to keep-up and update this catalogue. Life has its ways of messing-up your plans and schedules and you have no idea what I have been through that few weeks. To catch-up, I’ve been reading articles and clippings about productivity and reducing social-media use. HA HA HA. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I am damn desperate finding ways to cut-off my social-media-checking-habit. It’s destroying my work ethic, my studies, and my relationship with the humans.

That is basically the reason why I feel like I’m no longer human, like I am less than a human and more of a…um, a robot. That a part of me has been reduced into something…superficial.

To reduce the guilt a little, let me share these things to you, dear reader:

It’s a culture based on appearances, that says: “As long as I appear important from the outside, I probably am.”

When there is a flood, we simply build a raft, or wrap our legs in plastic bags, or go to elevated areas. We stock up on food and wait for the water to subside. To us, a city that is underwater is merely something to be tolerated, like the hassle of carrying an umbrella when there is rain. It’s almost a given.

Noteworthy blogs/Sites to check out:

  1. Digital Arts  : For graphic design references and tutorials.
  2. BBC : Food for the brain.
  3. millimetrs
  4. Mica Abesamis
  5. c82
  6. Humane Pursuits


for more interesting articles, czech this out.


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