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A candid-on-purpose photograph of me taken way back in 2016.

 She is kim (with lower case “k”) and she is the author of three books, none of which she’s read, let alone published. She is the proud owner of a crown of curls and she likes onions and sad songs.

An occasional performance artist.

Hello, stranger.

For whatever reason life brought you here, I welcome you to my written musings. I only write what I want to unravel, to make sense of the life riddles, and to explore every metaphor I encounter. And here you are, wondering what my blog could offer to your curious soul. I am not sorry to inform you that I have nothing but repackaged things under the sun. So…please bear with me.

I must say that I’m bad at organizing stuff.

But here’s a short list (some sorta directory) for strangers:

For collaborations or  matters of consequence:


Kim’s updated CV/Resume: PDF

Bio note:

Kim Escalona is a millennial with a baby boomer heart. A Digital Marketer, Content Strategist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, and…a self-confessed multi-tasker. Kim is currently employed at Antony Scott Ltd. and Pioneers UK as a Digital Marketer.  She is a graduating student of a graduate degree at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology under the National Commission for Culture and Arts for the Culture and Arts Studies program scholarship. She is currently in rehab for her coffee addiction. I kid you not.

You can follow her on twitter @sidelinekid, or you can email her at / for inquiries.

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