2016 Highlights

  1. First time to travel alone. By plane. -February 3
  2. Met Joey Ayala and performed in the same event.
  3. First Art Exhibit with a Celebrity (Hero Angeles)
  4. Performed on stage 23x
January 18 - "Biya" 
February 15 - "Lost Not Found" Open Mic Sesh/ Valentines special
February 17 - "Hungihong sa Dughan" at Lyceum Iligan
February 19 - "Talagsa ra ni!" at the MSU-IIT Lawn
February 29 - "Left Year" Open Mic Sesh
April 1 - "Atik Rock" Rooftop Gig
April 5 - Open Mic at Lola G
April 8 - "Dandaniw" at HRM Lounge
May 20 - JCI Plaza Alemania
May 22 - English Culmination, launching of "I Am Not A Poet" 
May 30 - "Pamana" Open Mic Sesh
June 1 - "Yutang Ina" US Embassy Sponsored/SagipEksena at Paseo de Santiago
June 15 - Iligan Flag day at the Centennial Park
June 30 - "Out and Proud" Open Mic Sesh
July 24 - "Tukiltura"
August 26 - CSM Acquaintance Party
September 15 - CMU NCCA
Oct 1 - "Writing Naked" Book Launching
Oct 6 -"Skwela Nasad!" MSU-IIT Music and Poetry Night
Oct 9 - "Extrajudicial Feelings"
Oct 23 - SPC Culmination
December -Costumers Forum
December 11 - TWCM Anniversary at the Luxe Hotel

4. Central Mindanao University

5. General Santos -February 2016

6. Wrote more than 10 Spoken Word Poetry Pieces

7. Taught Spoken word for 3 months and got freakin paid for it. Nice cash.

8. Bought my own super comfy bed – December 30

9. Bought my first converse

2016 Realizations

  • I swear I cannot eat MikMik without exhaling it after “sipping”
  • The year I noticed that I have been drinking Yakult differently than others. And mind you, I have been doing this since I was a kid. This is how I do it: Get a toothpick and use it to punch a hole on the foil, creating a teeny-weeny hole for me to sip. I think I prefer to drink Yakult, moderately.