These are my worldly pursuits. These are carnal. My secret pursuits aren’t written down.

  1. Mount my own play/musical with a Sebuano-English mixtape
  2. Watch a play in Broadway
  3. See the Van Gogh’s paintings.
  4. Picture at Dalipuga “Venetian” housing
  5. Have a song I wrote played on the radio.
  6. Get a meaningful tattoo. (Prism / Script)
  7. Have my film screened at Sundance! ! !
  8. Win a Palanca!
  9. Publish a book.
  10. Do a TED talk.
  11. Be a commencement speaker / Deliver a memorable commencement speech
  12. Meet Paul McCartney o Ringo Starr, but definitely Paul McCartney.
  13. See Macchu Picchu.
  14. Watch a Coldplay concert.
  15. See the Stonehenge in England.
  16. Walk across Abbey Road in London.
  17. Own an awesome non jej café. / coffeeshop at 27
  18. Earn PhD
  19. Meet Zac Efron
  20. Record an Album with my band
  21. Talk to a Holocaust Survivor
  22. Learn how to drive
  23. Get Driver’s License!
  24. Meet John Piper or John Macarthur
  25. Finish MA in Culture and Arts
  26. Have a second Boycut and dye it turquoise or teal
  27. Own a DSLR – February 2017
  28. Own a Macbook – May 2017
  29. Be a regular blogger and own blog domain
  30. A photograph with a redwood tree
  31. Visit Israel with Mommy, Daddy, and Tal
  32. Own a guitar like Ed Sheeran’s
  33. Learn how to use chopsticks
  34. Learn how to get blood pressure
  35. Establish a Theater group? Hugot Theater
  36. Establish / Pioneer an org for Local Arts
  37. A picture of me holding joy sachet with a caption “Who says you can’t buy joy”
  38. Eat Sushi – ALONE!!!!  -November 2016
  39. Get Married.
  40. Have kids and name them Corinth Sky and Tolkien Colossae
  41. Drink coke and eat mentos at the same time
  42. Take dad to watch UFC fight live
  43. Buy a classic low-cut converse. – November 19, 2016
  44. Own a ukelele  – December 17, 2016
  45. Additional Ear piercing
  46. Morning “mug” shots
  47. Try Manicure and Pedicure
  48. Create something like the park forum
  49. Buy Wacom Pen and tablet. Do Graphic arts.
  50. Organize an Art Exhibit. Or any Exhibit.
  51. Visit an international museum
  52. Own an air BNB loft
  53. Visit an international library
  54. The Fiance must sing “Toyang” to me on our wedding day or any HSM song
  55. Get it right this time.