Here’s what I’ve done so far.


This is my facebook page and this one’s my tumblr art dump. I make art and I do freelance. I am into print design and photography (and film, soon). Currently, I am focusing on Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, and Content Writing. Please do check my folio and hire me! 


Humans of IIT

co-founder/head curator

I have always been into personal narratives, always curious about the backstories. So when Brandon Stanton started HONY, I wanted to pursue the same idea. And that pushed me to start HOI. I started this project during my senior year in college last 2014 and I came up with more than a hundred stories the whole year. Come June 2017, I will be reviving this project and shift it to a more engaging and progressive avenue for the IITians.  Czech out the Facebook page here and read our stories. 

IITian Collective

This one’s a secret for now. Winks.



The Authorities

I do Spoken Word Poetry. I am a Spoken Word Artist. I play with words for a living. No, I’m kidding. I like rhyming. No, this is not a poem. No, I am not trying convince you to czech our Facebook page and see our live gigs. No.

Project Siksik

Coming soon.